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Pinwolf league rules

1- Teams will be competing in a 4 ball/best ball style format. We will have weekly winners and season-ending points winners. Each team consist of 2 players.

2- Each team will pay $20/week to compete. You must pay in advance for the season ($60/person or $120/team) through our website at

3- We will be competing in a 6 week season over the course of the next 7 weeks. Week of Thanksgiving will be optional and does not count towards the over-all season points total.

4- If you or your teammate will be out of town during a particular week, you have the option to play that week’s course ahead of time. Plan your schedule ahead of time with your teammate so you do not miss any of the action.

5- As previously mentioned, the week of Thanksgiving will not count towards the season points total. If you are in town and want to play this week, competition will be $30/player and $10 to play skins.

6- We will have LIVE weekly leader boards. If your team thinks you can beat your score after your initial round, feel free to play that course again for $20/person ($40/team). If you elect to do this, your official score will be from that 2nd round, NOT YOUR BEST SCORE OF THE 2. Our motto at PinWolf is #BEATYOURBEST, can you beat your best?

7- We will have weekly Skins competition. Sign up for skins for every week separately at . Carry overs apply, and if you do not participate that week, you cannot win. Example: If you participate in every week’s skins competition except the last week of the season, AND you would have won a skin during the last week, you do not qualify. Must pay to participate. In the event that there is a carry over skins pot at the end of the season, we will apply those funds to a closest to the pin contest for all players who participated in the league. Each player gets 1 shot in the contest, winner takes all. This will take place on Sunday, 12/20/2020 between 2pm-4pm. Must be present to participate!

8- Teams have from Monday-Sunday to play their round for that week. Scores go live on that week’s leader board after you finish your round. Week 1 begins on Monday, 11/02/2020, and ends on Sunday, 11/08/2020. If you or your teammate will not be present during a particular week, play that round EARLY! Scores for early rounds will not be posted until the Monday of that current week of play.

9- It is your responsibility to schedule your round for each week of play through our online scheduler found at We cannot guarantee the available time slots will be approved. It is our commitment to you to make it happen whenever possible. Schedule your round in advance and be flexible when necessary. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. We will have night and weekend timeslots available as well, but we will need as much notice for them as possible. If a requested time slot is not available, either because of our schedule or another team signed up at the same time, we will notify both contacts on your team with our availability for you to play that week.

10- Our simulator room is equipped with very expensive equipment. You will be responsible for all damages and/or injuries caused by any foul play.

11- Points accumulation are earned for each team.

12- No food or drinks in the simulator room. No drugs or alcohol on the premises.


Points per team per week will be awarded per the below table. If two or more places tie (other than first place) the positions points will be accumulated then divided by the number of teams in the tie. Example, 3 teams tie for second place, each team will get 95.9 points:

(138.1 + 87.5 + 62.2) / 3 = 95.9

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